Technical Program

Invited Talks

Exploration success—disruption in the art and science of discovery

Robert Friedland

Exploration success—lessons learned over the past four decades

Richard Sillitoe

Subduction slabs, the Altai-East Junggar-Tianshan orogenic collages, and their control on metallogeny in the Altaids

Wenjiao Xiao

Temporal-spatial distribution of Chinese mineral deposits and their tectonic settings

Jun Deng

Gold metallogenesis in Earth history—evolution of the mineral composition of gold deposits and crust-mantle contribution in origin of ore deposits throughout Earth history

Nikolai Goryachev

REE mineralization in carbonatites: An overview

Franco Pirajno

Porphyry deposits in China

Zhiming Yang

The evolution of Asia and consequential control on orogenic gold

Richard Goldfarb

Advances in the understanding of the structural controls on Carlin deposits in Nevada: Implications for Chinese Carlin-like systems

David Rhys

Injection-driven failure and the dynamics of fluid migration in intrusion-related hydrothermal systems: Insights from coupled hydro-mechanical modeling

Steve Cox

Porphyry Cu genesis and zircon geochemistry

John Dilles

Evolution of the Ok Tedi intrusive complex and associated porphyry- and skarn-style Cu-Au mineralization

Peter Pollard

Ore-forming minerals and melt inclusions in China's rare-metal deposits

Mingqian Wu

Sediment-hosted gold deposits in SW China: Current understanding and future trends

Jianwei Li

Magmatic sulfide deposits: China versus the world

Chusi Li

Silicate liquid immiscibility and the formation of magmatic Fe-Ti-V-P deposits

Bernard Charlier

Origin of giant Fe-Ti oxide deposits hosted in layered intrusions in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China

Christina Wang

Platinum mineralization in Bushveld Complex

Marina Yudovskaya

Genesis and exploration for skarn deposits

Larry Meinert

China's rich endowment in Mississippi Valley-type deposits: A story of evaporites and tectonics

David Leach

Metalliferous (Mo-Ni-V ± Au-PGE) shales in Guizhou and Hunan provinces: Comparison to global occurrences

Karen Kelley

New isotopic techniques in economic geology

Shaun Barker

Rare earth elements deposits in China: Ore genesis and deposit model

Yuling Xie

Formation of iron oxide copper-gold and iron oxide-apatite systems

Adam Simon

Geodynamic complexities in arc and post-collisional settings of the SW Pacific and China—essential ingredients for porphyry mineralization

David Cooke